Monday, September 27, 2010

Mini-Cast: Women in Games

You'll hear a fair amount of girl-gamers complaining about women in video games, and how over-sexualized they are. How true is that? And what do guys think about that? Well let's talk about it all on this Gamers Corner!

If you've ever played any fantasy RPG, or Japanese RPG, you'll know that women in games can be pretty sexualized. Big, physics defying breasts that would probably end up giving them serious back problems, and armor that's about as practical for protection as a tennis ball against a tank. But this isn't only in RPGs! It's in shooters, and even has games dedicated to it! Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball anyone?

And girl gamers are getting kind of annoyed. There are few women in gaming that aren't unrealistic, sexualized play kittens, and frankly they want a change! Realistic women, with realistic proportions and a realistic attitude! Is that too much to ask?

Well, in response, let me say this: Cry me a river.

Let's be honest here, if we're going to complain about gender representation, let's have this street go two ways. I'm 6'4", 165 pounds. I don't have a chiseled stomach, I don't have the agility of a ninja cat, and I can barely life the toilet seat without getting a hernia. What game has a guy like me properly portrayed? I mean, if the average man, let alone gamer, gave Marcus Fenix a high five, the results would be devastating!

Girl gamers are complaining about women being improperly portrayed in video games? Well suck it up, because men are just as ridiculously portrayed. For every massive, bouncing rack on a girl, there is a massive, hulking space marine made of muscle, grit, and raw rage. For every seductive sex kitten, there is a suave, mysterious spy or assassin or something.

Simply put: It goes both ways, girls!

So what do guys say about this? How do you think the average guy feels about the way men are portrayed in video games? They don't care! Why? Because it's just fantasy. It's a video game. If you find that guys around you are looking down on you because they play video games with scantily clad women, then the problem isn't with the game, it's with those dumb-ass friends of yours.

Anyone who takes any fantasy element away from a video game, be it sexuality, violence, magic, or whatever, and tries to apply that one-to-one to real life, is an idiot. Flat out, straight up. Idiot. Really, girls, if you find that guys really do respond and talk to you differently because of sexualized women in games, you should be thanking the games! Because now you can pick out the morons way earlier.

Let's be honest here. Both sexes are portrayed in ridiculous ways.
Girls, you aren't being picked on. Quit picking it apart and lets just play some games.

That's what I think anyways.
What do you think?
You think both sexes are being represented fairly in the gaming industry?
Do women have it worse?
Do men?
Let me know!

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