Friday, September 10, 2010

Bitter Tea: Racism

Now this is hardly going to be a shock to any of you, but I encountered some douche on XBox Live last night who was using racial slurs. And he insisted he wasn't racist. And that makes for some bitter tea.

Let me set the scene. Me and two other friends were in a Modern Warfare 2 party, and we joined some random game. This random guy we got teamed up with was talking along with us, and seemed like a fairly normal guy. Then he busts out the N-word after getting killed. Now, me and one of my other friends I was playing with are white, and the other friend I was playing with is black. And I know my whole group of friends I play with online are sick of stupid, pointless, attempted-shock racism. So I say something to the kid, because, really, it's just idiotic to say something like that.

Well the kid tries to defend himself by saying that he's not racist. He just uses the racial slur. That was his big defense, that he uses it like black people use it, so he's not racist. Besides the fact that he was using it as a curse because he got shot, This idea of 'the word only has power if you give it power' is a load of crap. That rhetoric is simply bull, and doesn't apply to real-life.

This is the point I made to this moron, and it goes out to anyone else who like to use racial slurs because they think it's funny: If you were walking in a neighborhood that was predominantly African American, and you use the N word, you'd get your ass either beat, or killed. You could scream and yell about how 'the word only has power if you give it power', but that won't mean a thing. Because it doesn't mean a thing. And if you admit that you wouldn't say it in that situation, then you're just a punk coward!

And you know what? Since it's said so often by ignorant little punks from suburbia where the most dangerous thing they ever experience is their parent's divorce, it's not shocking anymore. Max, the black guy who was playing last night, says it best: It's just not original. You're a bunch of skipping records playing the same old crappy joke that nobody really found funny in the first place.

It's not shocking. We don't think you're bad-ass, cool, or funny. We think you're an ignorant, racist little punk. And yeah, it is racist. Racist people use racial slurs. That's how it works. You aren't racist? Don't use racial slurs. Max also had another wise saying: The only people who can use the N word are black people, and the black people who do use it should stop.

Let me wrap up by saying this: I love South Park. In season 11, the first episode, Randy Marsh, Stan's dad, uses the N-word on Wheel of Fortune. Token, the black kid at Stan's School, gets pissed when Stan says 'he didn't mean it, it's not a big deal. But Token insists it is a big deal, why? Well, as Stan finds out at the end of the episode: Stan concludes that not knowing the point is the point. He explains to Token that, as a white person, he will never understand why Token is so upset by the word, and why it can make black people mad when a white person says it in ANY context.

As a punk kid from suburbia, you don't know what it's like to be called the N-word like a black person. You have no idea, and you'll never have any idea.

I'm not expecting anyone to have a big epiphany after reading/listening to this, because this is, after all, the internet. And people love to be dicks for the sake of being a dick. But I had to get it off my chest! The kid last night was an ignorant moron, and anyone who does the same thing is just as ignorant, and just as moronic.

And that's some bitter tea.

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