Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Cup of Tea: Minecraft

Fairly recently, I was introduced to a little game called Minecraft.
For those unfamiliar, it's a very simple, java-based game where you mine, create, and survive. There is no story, no boss-battles, or ultimate antagonist. It's just you digging, mining, building, and surviving. And the graphics are extremely simplistic, making everything (trees, hills, mountains, water, creatures, you) out of blocks. It runs fantastic on every computer I've tried it on, including my netbook. It's still in it's alpha stage, and gets regular updates. It even has multiplayer!

And this game is fantastic.
I mean: Extremely fantastic.

Some might be put off by it's lack of structure and over-arching goals, but do you know who would love it? Anyone, who ever played with, and fell in love with, Lego as a kid. That's totally me. This game let's you just build. Screw mining, you can just build, picking from whatever block you want, and making things 'till your heart is content! This is like dumping the box of Lego out on the ground and going nuts. People have made amazing things with this simplistic mode, and it's a blast.

I, however, have far more fun in the 'Survival' mode, or the 'Alpha' version of the game. Basically, you start in your world, and you just have to survive! You have to mine for materials to make tools, weapons, your house, your food, everything. At night, zombies and skeletons and spiders come out to get you, and if you don't have a secure house, you'll be toast. You can find dungeons underground with treasure (And monsters), and build your house/castle/mine of your dreams...with a bit of hard work!

I recently bought the game (A mere $13) and I recommend anyone who loves Lego and building to at least try out, and enjoy, the classic (free build) mode. It's free, so you don't have anything to lose. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got mines to build and my inner child to feed!


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  1. I want Minecraft to have my children. It is so so so much fun!