Monday, September 20, 2010

Mini-Cast: Cheap Tactics

If you've ever played any game online, you'll hear complaining about cheap tactics. Maybe you've complained, maybe you've been the cheap one! Is it right? Is it wrong? Let's found out on this Gamers Corner!

Just last night I was playing Halo: Reach online with some of my Xbox LIVE buddies, and a few of them were saying how the game was, in their words, 'garbage'. Now, I'm not going to get into whether or not Halo: Reach is good, because I really enjoy it, and I'm also not going to point out the fact that they were playing the very game they said was garbage.

Whoops! I pointed it out. Whatever.
But I will point out why they said it was 'garbage'. Apparently one of the armor abilities, called 'Armor Lock' makes you temporarily invincible for a time. If you use the ability for it's entire available length, you can get your shields fully recharged. So the idea is that if you're losing a gun fight, you can use the armor lock ability to get your shields back while the other guy can't hurt you. It's like a sudden 'time out' in the middle of the fight.

They complained that this was a cheap tactic. Now, I like these guys, and I've played a lot of games with them in the past: Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Modern Warfare 2. And in every single one of those games, these guys complained about cheap tactics. But how cheap is the armor lock shield thing? Or Noob tubes in Call of Duty? Or camping? Or anything like that?

First, let's try and define 'cheap'. To me, something cheap is something that can be done with little effort, little skill, and little thought, that produced a great advantage. For instance, when I first got into fighting games, I played the arcade version of 'Soul Edge'. I didn't know how to move on the 3D plain, or how to block very well, and one guy kept using a move over and over again that I didn't know how to block or move away from. He knew how, but didn't tell me.
That was cheap.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago where I'm playing Modern Warfare 2. Some guy is holing up in a corner of the map 'Skidrow'. He was sitting in a window, covering his back with well placed claymores, and hitting people with an M16 with stopping power. Some might say that is cheap. Now in that situation, I ran around the corner with a 'noob tube', an RPG and danger close on and blew him right out of there. Was that cheap? What about the guy who has on light-weight, marathon, and commando running around with a tactical knife? Is that cheap?

I would say 'no' to all of those.

Noob tubes are annoying, the light-weight kid is annoying, the camper is annoying, but unless the game doesn't give you any tools to deal with them, then it's just not cheap. Annoying? Oh totally! But cheap? I don't think so. Don't complain because someone is using a valid, beatable tactic to beat you.

So let's go back to this armor lock problem. Your shields don't regenerate any faster when you're in armor lock, which means that if I run into a guy, get the drop on him, light him up, and he uses armor lock just before he dies to get his shields back, my shields will regenerate at the same speed. Which means when he comes out of it, I'll have the same shields he does. So what's the problem? You also have the advantage of moving around while he's stuck in one place. So get a better position! There are plenty of options available! It might be annoying, but I can't think that that's cheap.

How about you? What do you think is cheap?
Noob Tubing? Camping? Rushing?
You think I was wrong? Right?
Let me know!

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  1. i agree with you tea but the problem occurs with armor lock is while your in it you call your team mates, so all of a sudden your 1 v 1 that your going to win turns into a 1 v 2 + tank + banshee, and that outcome is... lets say cheep. but yea when your fighting him and hes alone with no hope of re-enforcements there no valid reason to complain its cheep. keep up the blogs there hilarious.